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Inquiring Minds with Donna Karlin & Steve Harper

Feb 22, 2022

If you had to let go of 3 things today, what would they be? 

What would you gain by letting them go?
Donna and Steve talk about what we really want to let go of and what that would bring to our lives.
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Feb 15, 2022

Nothing other people do is because of you. It's because of THEM! Join in with Donna and Steve who discuss how we view what other people think and say and how we internalize it.

Feb 8, 2022

Decide what kind of life you actually want and say no to everything else that doesn't contribute to it. Join Steve and Donna in looking at how to honor the life we choose to have and make decisions accordingly.

Feb 1, 2022

Taking no risks will end up being your biggest risk. You have to risk to fail in order to succeed. Join Donna and Steve in conversation about how to take chances and what stops us from risking in the first place.