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Inquiring Minds with Donna Karlin & Steve Harper

How do we keep our friendship alive and honor it?

Aug 31, 2021

One of our listeners asked how we met and how we keep our friendship so tight especially as we live in 2 different countries and rarely get a chance to see each other in person.
Are you honoring your friendships? We talk about the secret to the success of ours and how you can do the same.
Join us and tell us what...

Aug 24, 2021

Are you telling yourself you're not good enough? Strong enough? Asking yourself, "Who am I to be chosen for this?" or "I can't do this because (with the lie that follows)?"
Donna and Steve talk about the lies we use as caveats, disclaimers or so we don't take risks or shine.  Join us and keep the conversation...

Aug 17, 2021

You absolutely believe something to be true. But are you REALLY sure about it? Would you bet your career, your relationship, your life on it?

In this segment we discuss assumptions we make and a few ways to challenge them before we take a deep dive in making a decision.

#assumptions #betonit #perspective...

Aug 10, 2021

We keep taking on more and more, juggling, trying to prioritize.

The question is not about what we can take on, it's what do we need to let go?

Listen in to our conversation where we highlight perspectives and approaches to do just that!

#lettinggo #perspective #inquiringminds #conversation #priorities

Aug 3, 2021

Not who you were told to be, who you think you should be based on external pressures. Who are YOU meant to be according to you? Steve and Donna discuss this question from a myriad of perspectives. #inquiringminds #coaching #criticalconversations #podcast #identity #perspective #empowerment